Subscription Plans

OC Membership Meetings Paid for in Advance

This plan is $95.00 for meetings through December 2019

All Cal Chiro doctor members* have the option of signing up for our whole Orange County District CE meeting series from June-December 2019.  You get a great discount the earlier you sign up that decreases over the first three meetings.  After that your benefit is that you do not have to sign up for each meeting but are Pre-registered. 

*Please note that you need to be a member for the whole series to qualify for this rate.  If you are not a member for the whole series then you will need to either back pay for the months you were not a member to Cal Chiro or back pay the OC district the cost to attend as a non-member.  We will charge retroactively if we determine that you were not a member but paid as a member for our meetings.  Please read our Meeting Policies page for more details.

Price: $95.00

Password Rest

*the OC District sign in and password is not the same as the CCA system sign in and password

OC District Membership Registration


Meetings Discount

Your subscription lets you pay a one time fee that is less than if you paid for each meeting separately. You basically get a meeting for free. 

Contact Information

Anne Lundquist, DC, FICPA - 
email: President Orange County District, California Chiropractic Association

Meeting Address:
JT Schmid's Restaurant
2415 Park Ave — Tustin, CA 92782

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